ABOUT Food Convee

Food Convee is a food packaging company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our business model is to take our locally made food ingredients and semi-process them to reduce cooking time for our consumers. 

Our aim is to help the cosmopolitan Nigerian reduce the time and stress spent to prepare traditional meals


Egusi Soupé

 Egusi Soupé is the perfect blend of organically and carefully selected Melon and Special Recipes with amazing flavours and aroma that you just can't wait to have a taste.

Real Ingredients. Delicious Taste.

Ogbono Soupé

Ogbono Soupé is a mix of well  blended organic ogbono seeds and our Special Recipes  with inresistible aroma and delicious taste.

Real Ingredients. Delicious Taste.

where you can find our products.

Offline: All SPAR Outlets in Lagos, Port-Harcout and Abuja.

Online: and or you place your order here.



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